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|Shatter the Soul| See what's inside| [userpic]

Come check out our brand new guinea pig forum!


Bear with us as we're setting up our main website and forum but feel free to register on our temporary forum and chat with other cavy lovers. New professional looking forum is on its way so please excuse the dust.

New Forum will include:

+ Comprehensive guinea pig health Care Guide
+ Toy/Activity ideas for your guinea pig
+ Cavy themed puzzles/games
+ Friendly staff and members
+ Online store for guinea pig products made by our members
+ Much more!


UPDATE: It appears things are ahead of scheduele on the layout of the new site, and it should be up sooner (hopeully by this Friday)! If you would like to register on our temporary board, please go to http://guineaguide.yuku.com/

Moneypenny [userpic]

A photo of Kahlua on her 6th Birthday. She got a bunch of her favorite veggies and was sooo happy! :)

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PolyEMTgirl [userpic]

ResQ really enjoyed playing in my shredded paper box!

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Shrimpy [userpic]

I am going to extend the poll because it is now Tuesday, a day after I should have polled, and no photos.....


Come on, who doesn't have a happy pig?

lizgersch [userpic]



Starbuck [userpic]

He died in my arms at 9:45pm tonight. I haven't stopped crying since.

cross-posted to a few places that loved him as I did.

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lizgersch [userpic]

A VERY old picture. This is Roscoe. RIP :(

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amanda [userpic]

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captain untouchable [userpic]

It wasn't me.... [userpic]

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An old pigture, but AJ always had the best pancakes...IMHO. ^_^

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