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April 2011
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Chii [userpic]
Helping one of our own.

A friend from the rescue community (GuineaLynx) lost her home to a tornado last night. The family escaped, but her daughter is in the hospital with a broken shoulder and is on oxygen for some kind of lung injury. Her dog was injured and may have lost an eye. All of her 8 guinea pigs and several rats are assumed missing or dead. The house was wiped to the foundation. This woman gave a lot to the rescue community and even ran a business out of her home making small animal accessories with sales benefiting guinea pig and rat rescues. Please visit the following link if you are interested in donating to help the family get back on their feet. Right now, all they have are the clothes on their backs and one cell phone. Their cars were destroyed as well.


These are the babies that we don't think made it out. :(


Current Mood: sadsad

Oh God I know her! I had no idea!! that is absolutely horrifying! Will def pass this on!