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April 2011
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Chii [userpic]
The story of a tornado, a family, a dog, rats, a herd of guinea pigs and an online community.

Please read this amazing blog post about our own Marsha Weaver. The story of a tornado, a family, a dog, rats, a herd of guinea pigs and an online community.

To update those who may not have heard: 4 guinea pigs have been found alive and 3 dead. There is 1 still missing, but they're not sure who as one body isn't currently identifiable. 6 or 7 rats out of 16 have been found, 3 alive. Their dog has a severe foot infection and will be getting skull x-rays. Marsha and her daughter are both out of the hospital now and doing well.

The following is my paraphrasing of a long update Marsha's sister posted on GL tonight:
It turns out that the family was literally caught with zero warning (no tornado warnings for their area) when their house started shaking and literally flying apart around them. They took cover in the hallway they were already near and were literally lifted up in the air and set back down. The daughter was pretty seriously injured and seemed to be in a state of shock. After the tornado passed, they ran over to a neighbor's car that was unlocked to take shelter and finding the keys in the ignition, turned on the radio just in time to hear that another tornado was heading directly for them. They fled to the home of a neighbor down the street who had a basement where they rode out the storm until they could safely get to a hospital.

These photos make it so clear how very lucky they are to all be alive right now:

This is their home before, taken this past Christmas.

This is what is left.


That is so heart wrenching. I can't imagine what it's like, but all of my heart goes out to them. I'm glad they at least found some animals alive and those passed on will always be remembered.

I'm trying my hardest to get this story out there so they get more donations.

Oh gosh thats so sad!

The poor people and animals! ;.;
Which of the piggies survived? They are all so beautiful. It's sad to hear a few of them lost their lives. I hope the missing ones are found alive.