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Rate your piggy!
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April 2011
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D. [userpic]
New pig for rating! Lets get this community moving again.

-What is your name/nicknames:Nibbler aka Nibby & Little (fat) mouse.
-How old are you (roughly): roughly 5 months old
-What sex are you: Sow
-Describe your physical traits: Smooth short hair, mostly white with cream patches, 3 grey feet, grey lips, but white nostrils, brown eyes with grey eye-liner, light grey stick out ears with black rims.
-Describe your personality: Stubborn, super intelligent, love exploring the house, house trained, nibbles when not wanting to be held, but lately my slave taught me to lick instead because my nibbles HURT, slowly becoming a real cuddle pig, knows no fear & will jump off anything (a close eye needed to be kept on me at all times when out of the cage as I'm a super fast flying machine! weeeeeeeeeeeee!!)
-Do you live with other piggies: 3 other sows - Chewie, 8 years old & a tri-colour abi cross. Scruffles, 3 year old choc agouti rex mix and Squee,1 year old a black sheltie.
-What is your favorite food: Pepper and grass
-What makes you WHEEEK: My slave getting up in the morning = breakfast time! The others stay asleep, so it's up to me to sound the alarm ;)

-What country/state are you from: UK
-Where did you hear about this community: My slave has been a member for at least 4 years
-Anything else you would like to add: Always Adopt! I'm from a rescue & was so glad to have found my new home <3





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aww there both cutie pies i see yours has a food mustache too my baby bolt gets a big orange stain around his mouth when he eats carrots i call it his lipstick lol

Re: piggies!

yeah she does :D she gets stains no matter what she eats, dirty littler pig ;)

Oh, gorgeous! And what a brave piggy Nibbler must be to let the camera get that close. Our piggies are pretty friendly but would never allow that.

I rate Nibbler very highly.