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April 2011
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judas_malice [userpic]
New piggy for rating: Dash

-What is your name/nicknames:Dash,Dashy,Dasha boo
-How old are you (roughly):1 year 2 months
-What sex are you:male
-Describe your physical traits:smooth coat ,calico patches,birthmark on tummy.
-Describe your personality:cuddly and adorable ,loves hugs and kisses loves being pet likes to jump up on top of his house and survey the perimeter of the cage and loves to chase bolt around
-Do you live with other piggies:my brother bolt ,he eats all my food
-What is your favorite food:carrots and apple
-What makes you WHEEEK:mommy coming with food,anything plastic, when jessie bunny stats doing his bunny dance.
-What country/state are you from:toronto ontario canada
-Where did you hear about this community:rate my hamster page
-Anything else you would like to add:piggy nose kisses and bully rubs forevers !


Didn't think this com was alive anymore! maybe you can kick it all off again, I miss it.

your piggy is adorable and I give it a 8.5

I might just admit my new one too in a bit. get things going again ^^


i saw the community was a lil dead but live journal altogether has been like that since stuff like twitter came out i hate twitter lol .But it would be nice for some groups and pet community's to get active again .More love for the piggies and other cute fluffies! thank you for your vote :)