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April 2011
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judas_malice [userpic]
New piggy for rating: Bolt

-What is your name/nicknames: Bolt
-How old are you (roughly): 1 year and 2 months old
-What sex are you: male
-Describe your physical traits: chubby and adorable fast runner loud wheeker
-Describe your personality:loves food and treats loves to have chin scratched hates to have his nails clipped.
-Do you live with other piggies:i live with my brother piggy dash
-What is your favorite food:green peppers,red peppers,hay and yogurt drops.
-What makes you WHEEEK:when i hear my owner coming to visit us.
-What country/state are you from: Toronto Ontario Canada
-Where did you hear about this community:in the rate my hammy group
-Anything else you would like to add:had scurvy when i was a baby but my owner took me to the vet and got me all better 2 of my feet are still a little deformed because of it.