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Chii [userpic]

Please read this amazing blog post about our own Marsha Weaver. The story of a tornado, a family, a dog, rats, a herd of guinea pigs and an online community.

To update those who may not have heard: 4 guinea pigs have been found alive and 3 dead. There is 1 still missing, but they're not sure who as one body isn't currently identifiable. 6 or 7 rats out of 16 have been found, 3 alive. Their dog has a severe foot infection and will be getting skull x-rays. Marsha and her daughter are both out of the hospital now and doing well.

The following is my paraphrasing of a long update Marsha's sister posted on GL tonight:
It turns out that the family was literally caught with zero warning (no tornado warnings for their area) when their house started shaking and literally flying apart around them. They took cover in the hallway they were already near and were literally lifted up in the air and set back down. The daughter was pretty seriously injured and seemed to be in a state of shock. After the tornado passed, they ran over to a neighbor's car that was unlocked to take shelter and finding the keys in the ignition, turned on the radio just in time to hear that another tornado was heading directly for them. They fled to the home of a neighbor down the street who had a basement where they rode out the storm until they could safely get to a hospital.

These photos make it so clear how very lucky they are to all be alive right now:

This is their home before, taken this past Christmas.

This is what is left.

Chii [userpic]

A friend from the rescue community (GuineaLynx) lost her home to a tornado last night. The family escaped, but her daughter is in the hospital with a broken shoulder and is on oxygen for some kind of lung injury. Her dog was injured and may have lost an eye. All of her 8 guinea pigs and several rats are assumed missing or dead. The house was wiped to the foundation. This woman gave a lot to the rescue community and even ran a business out of her home making small animal accessories with sales benefiting guinea pig and rat rescues. Please visit the following link if you are interested in donating to help the family get back on their feet. Right now, all they have are the clothes on their backs and one cell phone. Their cars were destroyed as well.


These are the babies that we don't think made it out. :(


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D. [userpic]

-What is your name/nicknames:Nibbler aka Nibby & Little (fat) mouse.
-How old are you (roughly): roughly 5 months old
-What sex are you: Sow
-Describe your physical traits: Smooth short hair, mostly white with cream patches, 3 grey feet, grey lips, but white nostrils, brown eyes with grey eye-liner, light grey stick out ears with black rims.
-Describe your personality: Stubborn, super intelligent, love exploring the house, house trained, nibbles when not wanting to be held, but lately my slave taught me to lick instead because my nibbles HURT, slowly becoming a real cuddle pig, knows no fear & will jump off anything (a close eye needed to be kept on me at all times when out of the cage as I'm a super fast flying machine! weeeeeeeeeeeee!!)
-Do you live with other piggies: 3 other sows - Chewie, 8 years old & a tri-colour abi cross. Scruffles, 3 year old choc agouti rex mix and Squee,1 year old a black sheltie.
-What is your favorite food: Pepper and grass
-What makes you WHEEEK: My slave getting up in the morning = breakfast time! The others stay asleep, so it's up to me to sound the alarm ;)

-What country/state are you from: UK
-Where did you hear about this community: My slave has been a member for at least 4 years
-Anything else you would like to add: Always Adopt! I'm from a rescue & was so glad to have found my new home <3


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judas_malice [userpic]

-What is your name/nicknames:Dash,Dashy,Dasha boo
-How old are you (roughly):1 year 2 months
-What sex are you:male
-Describe your physical traits:smooth coat ,calico patches,birthmark on tummy.
-Describe your personality:cuddly and adorable ,loves hugs and kisses loves being pet likes to jump up on top of his house and survey the perimeter of the cage and loves to chase bolt around
-Do you live with other piggies:my brother bolt ,he eats all my food
-What is your favorite food:carrots and apple
-What makes you WHEEEK:mommy coming with food,anything plastic, when jessie bunny stats doing his bunny dance.
-What country/state are you from:toronto ontario canada
-Where did you hear about this community:rate my hamster page
-Anything else you would like to add:piggy nose kisses and bully rubs forevers !

judas_malice [userpic]

-What is your name/nicknames: Bolt
-How old are you (roughly): 1 year and 2 months old
-What sex are you: male
-Describe your physical traits: chubby and adorable fast runner loud wheeker
-Describe your personality:loves food and treats loves to have chin scratched hates to have his nails clipped.
-Do you live with other piggies:i live with my brother piggy dash
-What is your favorite food:green peppers,red peppers,hay and yogurt drops.
-What makes you WHEEEK:when i hear my owner coming to visit us.
-What country/state are you from: Toronto Ontario Canada
-Where did you hear about this community:in the rate my hammy group
-Anything else you would like to add:had scurvy when i was a baby but my owner took me to the vet and got me all better 2 of my feet are still a little deformed because of it.

Starbuck [userpic]

Cross posted

I'm sad to say, I've lost all my guinea pigs. Gambit passed away last January, Cyrus on December 6, 2008, and Gus died this morning. I had many great years with all of them. Gambit I had 5 great years. Cyrus and Gus 4.

My heart is broken and my room is so quiet without them now.




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Kendal [userpic]

What is your name/nicknames: Name - Nori.
How old are you (roughly): Approximately 6 months.
What sex are you: I am a lady!
Describe your physical traits: My front half is white while my back half is dark, dark brown. My back legs are white up under the dark. If you look at my behind it looks like I'm wearing bloomers! My hair is glorious and long.
Describe your personality: I live the life of luxury. I am fat and sassy and the alpha pig in my herd. If I'm not lounging about in a cuddle cup you may find my nibbling on some hay. Dewlap? DEWLAP? Please! I am prim and proper and have no idea what you're talking about.
Do you live with other piggies: Oh, THOSE pigs. Yes, of course. I have five other girls that I boss around.
What is your favorite food: Everything. ...What?!
What makes you WHEEEK: Plastic bags. It means food!
What country/state are you from: South Carolina, USA.
Where did you hear about this community: pigtures
Anything else you would like to add: *tosses her hair* I can also do circles.

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Kendal [userpic]

I'm not sure how active this community is anymore, but I thought I'd play along anyways. :D

What is your name/nicknames: Name - Tsunami, Nicknames - Tsu, Tsutsu.
How old are you (roughly): Around a year old!
What sex are you: Male, baby. ;)
Describe your physical traits: I have long, flowing locks that are a pain to keep in check! I'm tricolored, and b-e-a-utiful! I have one black foot that Mommy thinks is sort of creepy, but that's okay.
Describe your personality: I pretty much just like to sit around and poop. I enjoy the occasional meal. I also like to click my water bottle loudly until Mother dearest claps her hands! Such a fun game.
Do you live with other piggies: Not yet, but Mom says soon! I hear there are six other girls expecting my manly arrival. :)
What is your favorite food: Hay, please!
What makes you WHEEEK: HAY, and females. >:)
What country/state are you from: South Carolina, USA.
Where did you hear about this community: pigtures
Anything else you would like to add: Wheeeeeeeek!

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Feyna [userpic]

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SUGAR MAMA [userpic]

I wanted to introduce myself to this new cute community!
I am Ashely proud mommy to my first Guinea Pig
Sir Slaughter!
He is a funny looking little guy,
and the glee to my world.

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